Camden’s 9 Month Update + Schedule

Merrie Sindel

9 months, can you consider it! Wow, just wow. My minimal guy is the absolute greatest and we just adore him so substantially. He retains this kind of a exclusive area in my heart. Exactly where I’m at in my lifetime, profession, parenthood, he just will make it all so much superior. The way his smile lights up a space, how a lot he enjoys me, and how he giggles at every little thing Harper does. Ugh, he certainly is the most exclusive tiny dude. 

We used a 7 days in Black Butte in August and it was our initially street excursion as a household of 4. It was these types of a fantastic household excursion, but rough on Cam (and mother at situations). He was extremely clingy and experienced a critical scenario of stranger danger. But, I also felt for him – so a lot of new faces and dwelling in a strange place, so I get it. But yeah, he generally only wished mother, so it was all pretty exhausting for me. He also would not nap for more than 40 minutes throughout the day. Luckily, he slept as a result of the night just about every night time, so absolutely everyone was capable to start off fresh each and every morning. We did uncover out he HATES the Slumber Pod. He would cry the 2nd we’d put him in his crib and then when we took it down, he went straight to rest. I’m happy we know, but there goes our sleeping in the same room for foreseeable future vacation programs, lol. On a number of of the more time auto rides he would not fall asleep and turned overtired and just cried and screamed. We at some point experienced to pull around and I would nurse him. This worked both equally occasions as he ended up slipping asleep once we received on the road yet again. Just simply call me a human pacifier! Cam was a champ, although. Tagging together on such a major family journey is not simple, so I’m pretty happy of him.

New at 9 Months

Little one boy sits truly properly now. He’s still not crawling, but he’s acquiring on his knees and rocking again and forth. He needs to be cellular so negative, I can see him finding pissed off in some situations. He’s so shut, he just requires to put his arms and legs jointly now, lol. His head form has transformed so considerably. He employed to have these kinds of a spherical head but the sides have flattened, actually making him look like a significant boy. Sleeping on his tummy has really assisted his flat head, as well. Cam and Harper are enjoying so very well these times and it’s the best to look at. She would make him giggle so considerably. He’s so vocal now, babbling, at times screaming from enjoyment, expressing “dadadadada.” He desires to frequently wander around keeping our hands. Ugh, he’s expanding up so speedy.


This man has never been reliable with naps and sometimes I just want to pull my hair out. I’m sort A, so generally hoping to determine out a answer, etcetera. I assume I find a way to get him to nap for a longer period and then it all goes out the window the next week. Right now he’s taking 2 naps, the morning nap is constantly brief 30-40minutes and then the afternoon nap is normally about 1.5. I can operate with this, but often the 2nd nap is quick as properly. It’s not the finish of the planet since Cam is flawlessly material when he’s awake, it is just wonderful to be able to get one thing carried out and I know he requires that rest. Shorter naps signify we push up bedtime, which isn’t the worst issue, but fellow moms get it, you want your child to nap. 


We officially have a fantastic eater! If you try to remember, we released Cam to solids and he was crying or vomiting. I believed a little something could be erroneous, but nope, he just was not all set. We commenced back again up once more at 8 months and he ate every thing up. I started with pureeing at residence and then understood I couldn’t give him anything he needs/assortment with my program. We finished up purchasing YUMI and it has been the finest! So significantly wide variety and so quite a few ingredients I would have in no way utilised. There’s definitely flavors he does not like, but for the most portion, he loves it. He’s also an specialist chewer out of nowhere (could it be perks of starting up food items at 8 months?), so we begun offering him comfortable smaller food items. He’s nevertheless doing work on his pincer grasp, so we spoon feed or enable him. We’re presently feeding him solids soon after the very first 3 feedings (much more on this in the program underneath). And now that he’s consuming solids on a regular basis, we’re accomplishing 4 nursing periods/day alternatively of 5.

Awake Time

We are formally between 3 and 3.5 hrs of awake time throughout the day, which implies extra time to get out of the property, yay! Cam also got spoiled this summer time by possessing his sister property to engage in with. She just went back again to faculty, so I’m certain he’ll be lacking her a bit in the mornings. But, small male is actively playing up a storm. He will get all the excellent toys way earlier than Harper ever did, lol (benefits of possessing a big sis). We try to give him as a lot flooring time as possible to tire himself out. We’ll go on walks, entertaining outings as a relatives. He enjoys bubbles and taking part in with balls (just like his sister). We recently put him in the Doona trike and he loves that.


Now that Cam is awake extended involving naps and bedtime, he was acquiring a good deal a lot more fatigued through our feed correct prior to bed. If I wasn’t shelling out focus I believe he would doze off, which backfired due to the fact he would be wide awake by the time I put him to mattress (he thought he received his slumber even though we nursed) and cry pretty a little bit just before slipping asleep. He’s usually long gone to mattress definitely very well, so I was like what is likely on.  Now that I place it all collectively, I’m now nursing him in a louder space (with Harper and Mike), so that he can continue to be awake through that very last feed of the night time. This has labored like a charm. He’s again to falling asleep proper absent at bedtime. 

Eczema Update

Cam’s eczema is doing wonderful! He had some flare ups on our journey to Black Butte (I’m guessing from the very hot temperature), but otherwise he’s undertaking terrific. We’re only using our concoction (much more on this below) when needed, otherwise it’s just Aquaphor soon after baths each other working day.

Favorites at 9 Months

Toddlekind Flooring Mat (color: clay) – We place the added mats we had upstairs in the participate in area in which Cam does a ton of his tummy time. Now that he’s a lot more cellular, the mats have been amazing!

Halo Swaddle – This is the snooze sack we transitioned to. I like that it has sleeves and that it’s the most comparable to the Merlin (in hopes for a clean changeover).

Stokke Actions Large Chair – We made use of this superior chair with Harper and ongoing to use it with Cam. We adore it. It’s lovely, very well made, and has held up definitely well.

Nuna REVV Automobile Seat – We just lately acquired this vehicle seat and certainly appreciate it! The swivel attribute to get Cam in and out of the motor vehicle seat is a game changer!

Box with Tray 3 Balls Montessori Toy – He enjoys the balls from this toy. They’re a good size in which he can maintain them, but can’t into his mouth.

9 Month Schedule

6:30am – wakes and plays in crib
7:00am – grab him, improve his garments/diaper, and nurse
7:30am – awake time, go for a wander
8:30am – solids
9:30am – Nap 1

10:30am – wake and nurse
11:00am – participate in
12:30pm  – solids/lunch
2:00pm – Nap 2

3:30pm – wake and nurse
4:00pm – engage in
5:00pm – solids/meal
7:00pm – nurse and bedtime

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