Dior Sauvage Elixir vs Eau De Toilette – Which Is Best & Which Should You Buy?

Merrie Sindel
Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette vs Sauvage Elixir

It’s a fragrance fight which has been a extended time coming, and it is all about the legendary Sauvage.

So you could possibly be contemplating which is greater, Dior Sauvage Elixir or Sauvage Eau De Toilette.

If you are in the current market for Sauvage but just cannot determine which version to get, I’m heading to break down each and every of these fantastic scents.

I have had both of those for a while, and these are my views.

Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette

Dior Sauvage EDT Fragrance For Men

The very first from the modern day Sauvage line was Dior Sauvage EDT aka eau de toilette.

This was released back in 2015, so is 7 many years old now, and can be thought of to be a fashionable traditional.

I received this scent when it was unveiled and instantly cherished it. I wasn’t the only one particular, with so a lot of guys loving this scent, and numerous fragrance lovers contacting this a single of the ideal fragrances of all time.

It’s loved by women and men alike, and is a person of the most beautiful fragrances you can wear. It has that present day masculine model but with a youthful edge, making it a brilliant scent for a night time out.

Sauvage EDT is very well balanced and can operate for basically all people wanting that gentlemanly smell. I would say it does edge on the much more youthful side, but however functions for in essence any dude at any age.

Notes – Bergamot, Ambroxan, Geranium, Pepper, Lavender, Vetiver, Patchouli

Dior Sauvage Elixir

Dior Sauvage Elixir Fragrance For Men

Dior resolved to release a several variants for the Sauvage line, and the most current was Sauvage Elixir which was introduced just lately in 2021.

Since this was the most pricey in the line and I currently owned the EDT, I sampled this in shop to guarantee that I like it and it was distinct ample to the primary EDT.

I was joyful to discover that it was the two. It has a distinctively diverse scent to the EDT although even now keeping the unique DNA of the line.

What does this imply?

I think that the Elixir is less punchier and sharper than the EDT. The Elixir has more powerful notes in the foundation this kind of as liquorice and amber which glow through and give this much more of a darker tone.

This offers it more of a mature vibe, so I believe it’s greater suited to older men more than the youthful EDT.

Which Sauvage Lasts The Longest?

You’re almost certainly heading to believe that the much better perfume focus will win, and that is Elixir. But no, Sauvage EDT lasts lengthier than Elixir in my encounter.

This is potentially thanks to the top notes in the EDT getting exceptionally strong and therefore you see them a large amount far more, even though the Elixir has more powerful notes in the base which are a large amount far more subtle.

Which Sauvage Has The Greatest Projection?

Just like above, I come across that Sauvage EDT has improved projection than Elixir. At the time once again this is for the identical reasons, with the more powerful base notes in the Elixir being far more delicate and the major notes in the EDT remaining really out there.

Which Is The Most Versatile?

The two the EDT and Elixir are really flexible, and a lot will arrive down to the situation you wear and also your age. But I would say that the Elixir just edges it above remaining more flexible.

The initial Sauvage EDT has gained a name of remaining a scent women enjoy, a celebration and clubbing fragrance, although Elixir has not acquired that track record as of nonetheless.

That can make Elixir additional appropriate in extra circumstances these as sporting to the office environment, and is therefore a much more functional fragrance.

Which Will get The Most Compliments?

There’s no doubt that the two receives compliments, but at the time all over again this spherical has to go with the EDT.

It is often felt like the EDT has been a scent to get compliments, and even if it wasn’t built for that purpose it unquestionably does.

Elixir is a far more rounded and mature type of scent, so while it smells definitely superior it is not as head turning as the OG. Getting said that considering the fact that it is a great deal more recent than the first, it does have that heading for it for turning heads.

The Best Benefit

Sauvage Elixir is around double the price tag of the EDT. For this rationale if you’re hunting for benefit, you have to go the EDT.

Sauvage Elixir vs Eau De Toilette – Which Really should I Obtain?

Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette vs Elixir

As soon as once again like most fragrance battles, this is a tricky phone. I would say that picking arrives down to your age and way of living.

For mature gentleman aged 30-35+ Elixir is likely to be a fantastic selection for most. For youthful fellas I consider Elixir isn’t far too excellent of a choice, so EDT will be the way to go.

But the EDT can be worn by men of almost any age, it does odor that very good.

The Selling price – Sauvage EDT runs at all-around £50 with Elixir £110. No question that the EDT is better benefit for dollars.

Uniqueness – There’s so lots of men wearing the EDT and lots of don’t have or won’t pay for Elixir. If you want to be additional one of a kind, the Elixir wins out.

The Finest Signature Scent – As soon as yet again I would go for Elixir for older men and EDT for young men.

The Very best To Incorporate To A Collection – I consider that Elixir is a fantastic include to any selection. It’s very exceptional, you get the Sauvage DNA whilst obtaining a far more rounded and mature model to it.

I am fortunate ample to personal them each, and pleased possessing them both also.

Now I know there is also an EDP and a Parfum version of Sauvage, but I’ve focussed on the original and newest versions in this comparison.

I believe they are the two distinct ample to have a appropriate comparison and choose on which of these two you’d go for.

With that reported, which do you believe is most effective, and which would you go for? Permit me know in the poll underneath.

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