Oh Snap! 3 Quick Fixes for When Your Underwire Breaks

Merrie Sindel

A short while ago, I was touring to London from California.  As I was finding off of the airplane, I arrived at up to get my (really a lot overpacked) carry on bag.  Once I’d grabbed my bag and was lowering it down, I felt a common “Pop!” on my ribcage.  You know that sound… the audio when your underwire breaks?

A handful of option words (that we really do not publish, here at TCF) arrived to brain.  My underwire experienced snapped. I continue to experienced a six-hour flight forward of me. I was not searching forward to sitting down in a cramped seat with a wire stabbing me every single time I moved.  

Cue my feelings:

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Luckily, I’m a resourceful girl with obtain to the world wide web.  I googled (and tried) a couple MacGyver-like options, and…

In this article are a Couple temporarily fixes for when your underwire breaks:

  1. Question for a Band-Help.  You may possibly not have tape on hand when your underwire snaps.  But, I’m betting you (or anyone you can ask) does have a few Band-Aids.  The notion is to wrap the Band-Aid close to your underwire (applying it like tape) to preserve it from scratching you.  Arguably, you could tape the underwire down, but I found out that it generally springs again out.
  2. Use a pad.  Okay, I know this appears unusual.  But, most general public restrooms (and the woman sitting future to you) will have a pad.  Rip it into a scaled-down section (you don’t will need the full matter!) and wrap it around your underwire, taping it down.
  3. Flip your bra inside of out. Every time my underwire has snapped, it is generally poked in, in direction of me.  You can flip points close to (actually) by turning your bra inside out and making the underwire poke absent from you.  Then, using whatsoever you have on hand, tape down the exposed wire.  This only functions in some situations (and you run the risk of the underwire poking as a result of your prime) but it is a short term fix and it can get the job done!
Underwire bra poking
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Not only is this particularly disheartening when this occurs. for some, it is downright maddening. Bras can be high priced, tough as hell to obtain, so when your underwire breaks, it is a serious issue.

But have you ever asked yourself why it has broke? These thoughts run through our thoughts right after this occurs:

The Workhorse Weary Bra
Image by using The Workhorse
  • How previous is the bra? 
  • How effectively have you been having treatment of your most loved bra?
  • How astounding was the quality of the bra? 

Items like your breast condition, putting on the right dimensions, and the excellent of the bra all participate in into the existence and wear of your cherished boulder holders. 


Now that we are here… what do YOU do when your underwire breaks?

Do you have any lifestyle hacks for correcting an underwire that’s snapped?  Share them under!

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